Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Villareal in the Champions League

Villareal made it to the champions league by overcoming Levante 4-1 after Levante went up 1-0 at the beginning. I have a soft spot for Villareal ever since they had Palermo in their lineup.
I like the fact that they pick up players that somehow nobody else want it in their original teams, then they fit them into this team of 'rejects' and put out some gery good displays of football. And good displays is not only winning but also giving out a show since quality in that team is abundant. Few of the players in Villareal are: Riquelme (ex-Barcelona) , Diego Forlan (Ex-Man Utd). Riquelme, to me one of the best players in the world; if you had the chance to see him play in Boca Jumiors you would agree hands down. Its costing him a bit to get used to the european game but this last season he is back to his normal self. I wonder if Barcelona would call him back with Rijkaard on the bench so he partner with Ronaldinho and Deco; now that would be a dream midfield. And we also have Diego Forlan, he barely played with Man Utd and he was not very well considered by the fans, and correctly so. His record in Manchester was average at best, unabe to even make the bench for some games. However, since his move to Villareal he has been unstoppable up front. With his 2 goals against Levante he tied for top scorer with the Samuel E'eto with 25 goals each. I dont think Forlan scored 25 goals in his whole Man Utd career.
I cant wait to see Villareal play the big dogs in next year's Champion League; I would not be surprised to see them go quite far in their first year.


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