Sunday, June 05, 2005

Qualifying round

Well this weekend was another game in the path to the world cup in Germany next year. Probably few of you know my favorite team in this Region is Costa Rica. As you can imagine last nights game was painful to watch, but i have to give props to the US team. I only watched parts of the game but what I saw was enough to see the US was far superior, especially in the way they handled the game. I was very dissappointed with Costa Rica, i think they played to get a tie and only tried to get forwad with seldom counter attacks. This style of play benefitted the US because their speed and fitness is probably the best in the world, then losing the ball in transition or tracking back to defense does not become a problem as it would for any other team in the region.
Also, probably the highlight of this game was Landon Donovan, very impresive display. I think he is ready to migrate to a better league, perhaps spain would fit him well, o even Italy, i am not sure he can deal with the intensity and speed in England. What do you think? What did you think of DeMarcus Beasley's performance? I was not very impressed although he is coming out of an injury so I'll give him a break.


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