Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Crouch in, Baros out

Well, Liverpool have signed the Southampton striker this week, beating West Ham to the punch. Crouch had quite a season in 2004 but i dont believe he can repeat such performance, i just cant rate him that high; however I am not saying that Milan Baros is any better than him. I would have to see if Liverpool can adapt to the style of play Crouch needs, a classic English style of long ball to the target and crosses to the head of the center forward. And th reason i think Liverpool would have to adapt is because i doubt Crouch has the skill and ability to play the new europan style Benitez has been implementing at Liverpool; i do think that Baros was a better fit to his european style of play.
Now that Crouch has signed, we have Milan Baros as a surplus to requirements in Liverpool; and whol else but the team that got beat to Crouch is lurking to sign the Czech player. West Ham has shown some intersting in signing Baros, however there are no reports on what price it could command.
What do you think about this switch?


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