Thursday, July 14, 2005

Jermaine Jenas

As mentiones in my previous post, Arsenal will be getting rid of Patrick Vieira and will look to Jermaine Jenas as a replacement of the commanding frenchman.
I figured i would give an introduction to JJ as, surprisingly, not many people have heard of him.
JJ was brought to Newcastle United for a 5 million fee from Ipswich and he was regarded then as one of the most promising youngsters in England. He then fulfilled most of the expectations when he became captain of the U-21 side and moved on to make seldom appearances and starts with the senior England side. JJ is now touted to be the future of the midfield in the England Team for years to come and although he still has room for improvement, hi has penty of time to develop being only 22 years old.
JJ is now facing competition for a starting spot in the Newcastle side with the signing of Emre and Faye, however everyone is confident he will have the staring position and very likely the captain band as well.
Souness as well as Shepherd have come out saying JJ is not for sale and they have reportedly slapped a tag price of 12 million.

Do you think he will leave Newcastle? i actually dont see it happening. I dont see Arsenal as a huge force nowadays, with Vieira gone, their only world class player left is Thierry Henry, the rest of the squad are good players and youngsters with a lot of potential but i dont think they can make a push without Vieira. I guess we will see as the first match of the premiership will match Newcastle and Arsenal.


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