Thursday, July 07, 2005


Well i just wanted to mention a few things i didnt have a chance to comment on.

  • FC United of Manchester. Props to them, i think it is great what they are doing. Although im not a fan of MU i think that is the best they can do for their club, take it back to the masses. If i could only get to see the match against AFC Wimbledon.

  • Bellamy. I dont believe he really thought he could stay in newcastle after all the garbage he spoke on live tv. Im actaully pretty impressed at the cool 5m we got for him from blackburn, especially cause we only really paid 6m, not a bad recoup.

  • Viana. I really hope the lad stays as the replacement for Robert, i think he can be just as good as cristiano ronaldo.

  • Vieri. Was he serious? switching across the city to Milan just to probably sit on the bench? I never thought he was the great player most people saw in him, and ireally doubt that he will play alongside Schevchenko.


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