Wednesday, July 20, 2005

USA 6th in the world

Im sorry but I think this is just plain wrong. According to some news reports, USA is ranked now 6th in the world, upping one on England who dropped to 8th place. It also means the US now is above France who also dropped one spot and is 7th.
I understand the US has had good results lately and decent showings in the world cup has also affected their ranking but i dont think they can match the quality of some of the lower ranked teams.
It will be hard for you to convince me that the US is better than england or France if matched with their starting 11. The US has also been helped with the results of the qualifying rounds in their zone but that is exactly what makes this rankings so wrong. It cannot be measured accordingly when you have competition like Gutemala and El Salvador in a group, but then you have Argentina, Chile and Paraguay in another zone, while in Europe England is playing temas like Germany, Holand, and Spain. No offense to any of the teams but the strength of the competition should have more weight than just results.
I dont mean to minimize the efforts of team USA but i think its damaging to the sport in this country to rank so high while putting no effort into the sport, if this country believes they can do this well without having a very strong league, no farming systems, and weak support then it will be hard to convince youngsters to give this sport a chance.
Where would you put US in the world?
What is your top 10?


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