Thursday, July 07, 2005

Would i stay or would i go?

That seems to be the dilemma with Steven Gerard.
I thank god im not a Liverpool supporter, otherwise i would be in quite a mood over this indecision.
I hope this was not just a strategy from gerard to get a better deal on his contract extension, because if it was then it was just dumb and unloyal. It is hard to believe that he would leave after such a good run in Europe and although i think he doesnt fool himself thinking they can get a championship with the current squad, i think he should see some potential in europe.
I do like Gerard as a player very much and i truly believe he was torn whether to stay or accept a very lucrative deal from chelsea and most definitely a championship. I think it was a good decision to rescind his captain band and it was just as good for Benitez to confirm him as captain.
What do you think about his decision? should have gone to chelsea?


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